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ABEL~Blue Fawn Male

Available Puppies

-We do require an approved application, before you place a retainer. 
-Please fill out the puppy application here on our website if you are ready to adopt.

-Once approved, a retainer
fee is required to hold a puppy.
-Retainer fee is nonrefundable, however is transferable to any litter within a year from retainer date.

-AKC Limited Registration $1800.-$2500.
-Gracie, Goldie, Gabby, Gloria are 4 weeks old today Ready 2/13/2023
-Full AKC for Approved Breeders Only   

gloria 2023.jpg
goldie 2023.jpg

Guardian Home Opportunities!
Reach out anytime if you have interest in becoming a guardian for us!

What is a Guardian Home?
~With all of the decisions for how we want our breeding program to be ran, we have decided to open the doors to a select few people. We are choosing to allow trusted and honest families to welcome a few of our dogs or puppies into their homes. These homes are called guardian homes.
~We believe that our dogs should be raised in a loving home and environment. Being a guardian home is an excellent way to make sure our dogs get the best quality care, and forever pet to the guardian home. 
~Being a guardian home means that you take on a Bond Acres Great Dane puppy or dog and welcome them into your home just as you would a new puppy from us! Adoption fee is at a reduced price for a guardian home! You are still responsible for daily expenses, caring for puppy and regular vaccinations/vet visits, as they are your pet now.
~When it comes to breeding related costs, those are on me. Any health testing, progesterone testing, or other exams they need for breeding. If the said dog does not pass, they will be neutered/spayed, and the papers are turned over to you. 
~I will retain breeding rights for the life of the contract, (3-4 breeding's), and you welcome a new pet into your household.
~Here is another bonus for being a guardian home for us!!
For every time we have your pet (Breeding related only, not for health testing reasons),
we send you a nice gift bonus for helping us in our program!!
~For the heat cycles, along with the birth of the puppies, the female will come to me. It is encouraged to have the families come see their family member, and her new puppies! 
~For anyone interested in seeing if they would be a good fit, you must live within 2 hours of Montpelier Idaho or be willing to travel to me.

We will have new guardian home  opportunities available this summer!! 

Please ask for details if you are interested!

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